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Move Over Mozart Piano class Options

Physical Small Group Piano Classes

These are our signature classes, and what we have been teaching since 1994.  These classes are located at your school or community center. All classes were shut down in March of 2020.  We hope to bring those classes back in the near future when it is safe. Since moving online, we are now able to offer more programs to fit you or your child's specific needs.  

Video/Private Mini-Piano Lessons

These classes were designed to replace the physical, small classes.  It is ideal for ages 3 - 8 years old and older students just starting to learn to play piano.  

30-Minute Online Private Piano Lessons

 These classes are designed for the older beginner, or the intermediate student ready for more intense assignments and challenges.  Daily practice is required.  

Online Piano Parties

These are free and open to everyone.  It is a great opportunity to meet our teachers, learn a little about music, and share your musical ability with friends.  

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