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Piano Lessons that Children Want!

           FUN!              Relaxation               Pride               Self-expression           Achievement                            Creativity                                          Concentration              

    Discipline                                  Self-respect        

  Confidence                                         Patience                    Perseverance          

Sociability                     Coordination

​Learning to play the piano gives your child much more than just music skills:​

Piano Lessons that Children want

Move Over Mozart has been successful bringing children's piano lessons to over 4,000 students all over King County since 1994. Parents know that music lessons are an important component to a well-rounded education.  Children know that learning to play the piano is FUN!

Our Online Class options continue to strive for the fun and interaction that make our lessons so unique!!

Our piano classes are:

  • Piano lessons your child will want to have.                            
  • Children's piano classes designed for motivating and encouraging your child.                               
  • Group piano lessons easily understood, even by a pre-school student.
Preschool Piano Lessons


Online Piano Classes are now available!  Same fun atmosphere! 

Same individualized attention!    

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Piano that is Fun and Educational!

The Move Over Mozart piano class program is especially designed for children ages 3 1/2 to 12 years old. Each piano class of six students meet for 30 minutes with one or two keyboards. The children learn to play simple, familiar tunes on the piano along with learning music theory through interactive games and worksheets. Each student has one-on-one time with the teacher where they learn a new song on the piano each week. The peer interaction is both encouraging and motivating. The best part is -- they find it enjoyable and rewarding!