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The nice thing about this question is that keyboards have improved so much over the years that just about any keyboard will be an excellent choice!  

Here are three important things to consider when purchasing a keyboard.  

  1. Width of keys on keyboard
  2. Weighted or touch-sensitive keys
  3. Number of keys on the keyboard.

  1. Width of Keys on Keyboard - You definitely want full-size keys on the keyboard.  I have no idea why miniature keyboards are even made.  There really is no use for them at all.                              
  2. Weighted or Touch-Sensitive Keys - Controlling the tone-depth and volume are techniques every pianist continues to perfect throughout their learning.  This technique is one of the most important that differentiates a student from a musician.  This quality is what makes a bunch of notes sound like music.  This is also why, no matter how excellent of a keyboard you get, it is still not an acoustic piano. A quality pianist will need to practice on a piano to perfect their technique.                                                                                                                                                  
  3. Number of Keys on the Keyboard - Being use to playing on 88 keys is vital if your child continues in music.  I know of a music major in college that was quite proud of herself during a piano proficiency test until one of the judges asked her where middle C was on the keyboard. (This is usually the first note students learn when playing the piano.) As it turned out, she had played the whole piece one octave (8 notes) too high.  This was from practicing on keyboards instead of an acoustic piano.  

Of course there are many other factors to consider depending on your family and home lifestyle such as portability, how long you plan to have the keyboard, midi-compatibility, other sounds and features, and of course, cost.  Keyboards price range between $100 - $6000.  You may also want to consider renting a piano.  Many piano stores offer rentals at less than $50/month.  

The keyboards we use in class is a Yamaha PSRE 300 series.  This keyboard has full-sized keys and is somewhat weight sensitive.  We do not use a full 88-key keyboard because of the practicality of transporting a keyboard that size and weight to each location.  It is also under $200, which is a consideration when multiple keyboards are needing to be purchased.

If you have any other questions about a keyboard or piano purchase, please feel free email.

We are considering purchasing a piano keyboard.  Do you have any suggestions?​