Physical Class Locations 

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Our PIano Class Structure

Each 30-minute piano class is grouped by age and musical ability.  Our lessons have a group activity where a new musical concept is introduced. Then this concept is reinforced individually through a worksheet or game. During this time, the teacher takes each child one-on-one at the piano or keyboard where the student will learn a new song to play on the piano. Each child is encouraged to practice and progress at their own pace.  For this reason, practicing at home, although strongly recommended, is not required.  

Our PIano Curriculum

Our pre-school students (Ages 3.5 - 5 years old) learn by color-coding their fingers to match colored dots on the piano keyboard.  They will receive a new songsheet each week that only uses those 5 notes, such as Mary Had A Little Lamb or Hot Cross Buns.  

Our primary students (Ages 5 - 7) will received the piano book, Piano Lessons, by Hal Leonard. They will be assigned a new page each week and are encouraged to practice at home. 

Our elementary students (Ages 7 - 12) will receive the piano book, Music for Piano, by Robert Pace.  This book progresses a faster than the Hal Leonard book and is ideal for the older beginner.

Move Over Mozart incorporates many different music learning and teaching styles into each lesson.  Solfeggio and Kodaly methods are used to teach ear-training and rhythm.  Keyboard and staff games are designed to reinforce music theory.  Large and small body movements are also part of the learning process, designed especially for our kinesthetic learners.  Every lesson is planned and designed for the specific children enrolled. 

Our PIano Teachers

Every teacher that works with Move Over Mozart goes through an extensive pre-qualification and training.  Teachers are chosen based on their experience and inter-action with children.  Music knowledge is important, but for children, it is also important that they are able to relate and feel comfortable with their piano teacher.  In addition to their initial training, all Move Over Mozart teachers also receive ongoing training to ensure they are kept current with teaching trends and techniques.  Teaching is an art.  As an artist, we are always looking for ways to improve and perfect our masterpieces, your children.  

Our History

Move Over Mozart began in the Seattle area in 1994.  The founder, Pamela Cornell, took many of the program's ideas from another piano school, also called Move Over Mozart, located in Sonoma County, California.  Since its opening, Move Over Mozart has had the opportunity to introduce thousands of children to the piano and music.  One of our yearly highlights has been our Spring Recital, which gives all the children, beginning 3 year olds to advanced 12 year olds, the opportunity to perform on a concert grand piano.  Through all the years, our mission has been to bring the joy of music and piano playing to all children, regardless of social status or income without compromising our quality.  

Our physical piano classes are currently cancelled.  We have a great online alternative that includes weekly videos, 8-minute mini-private lessons, and a practice app to increase interaction between the students and motivation for practice.  For more information about enrolling your child, please fill out the form below and Pamela will contact you. 


Contact Pamela Cornell, Director, at ​or 206-227-1611


Move Over Mozart is an unique piano program designed specifically for the young child, ages 3.5 to 12 years old, at 1/3 the cost of private lessons. Our small class of 6 students provides one-on-one teacher interaction as well as peer collaboration to enable each child to learn and grow musically.  We believe that children learn best when they are motivated and have a desire to learn.  We encourage this motivation through interactive games, new music each week and by creating a positive learning environment within the class.  What is the Move Over Mozart difference?  Your child will look forward to their piano class each week!  

Welcome to our piano classes for children

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