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Move Over Mozart Piano For Children in Kirkland, Shoreline and Mill Creek.

Why does Move Over Mozart support the Vasculitis Foundation?

The Vasculitis Foundation offers support to patients and their families, education and awareness to the medical community, and funding for research in hopes of finding a cure of the very rare diseases belonging to Vasculitis.  

Vasculitis is an auto-immune (over-active immune system) disease that attacks all ages, nationalities and genders but is particularly vicious to children.  There is no cure.  The only hope is to lower the immune system through chemo-therapy and steroids to make the evil antibodies inactive.  Life would not be possible without this treatment, however the side effects associated with this treatment are quite devastating.  

Miss Pam's daughter (Miss Paula, now a former MOM teacher,) was diagnosed with Microscopic Polyangiitis over Christmas of 2004, at 10 years of age.  Since her initial diagnosis, she has had 4 additional flares.  This disease has attacked her joints (similar to arthritis), her skin, her kidneys (glomerulonephritis), and her lungs (granulomas).  

For more information about Vasculitis or the foundation, please visit their website at

At the recital, we will be asking for donations to support the Vasculitis Foundation.  You may donate then, or online now at their website.