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Our classes use a variety of popular music teaching methods.  

  • Kodaly Rhythm, associating each rhythmic note with a syllable such as "ta" for quarter notes and "ti-ti" for eighth notes.  
  • Ear-Training, the ability to recognize what notes are doing from listening.
  • Solfeggio, assigning syllables to each tone of the scale.  (Do, re, mi, . . .)  Although we will use the American system of a movable or tonic "do".  We typically only teach these syllables in the key of C.  
  • Color-Coding Keys and Fingers, this very effective method is used for our pre-reading students.
  • Hal Leonard Piano Lessons, this book is great for our younger or non-practicing beginners. It is mostly self-explanatory, making it easy for non-musical parents to follow along.  It teaches note-reading through recognizing if notes are moving up or down and with steps (2nds) or skips (3rds).  
  • Robert Pace Lessons for Piano, is used for our older students or students with previous piano experience.  It presents the note-reading process by recognizing patterns.  It also has the student transposing songs into different keys from the beginning.  
  • Learning is Motivated Through Fun.  It is our belief that a child is motivated to learn when they are having fun and enjoy what they are doing.  Many musical concepts are taught through interactive games and activities.  

What Piano teaching methods do you use?