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Contact Pamela Cornell, Director, at misspam@moveovermozart.net ​or 206-227-1611


We have 3 recitals each year.  Our Spring Recital, our end of Summer recital in August (or sometimes the first couple of days in September), and our Holiday Recital in November or December.  Please watch your email for more details about your child's recital.  

Our Summer and Holiday Recitals take place at your child's piano class location.  The time of the recital will be close to your child's regular class time, but might not be exactly the same.  We combine a couple of classes in one recital to allow siblings to perform together and to allow the children the opportunity to hear other students from other levels.  We invite parents and others to come and hear our performance and get a peak into some of the activities we participate in during class.    

These two recitals take place instead of your regular scheduled class.  For more information about your child's recital, please contact your piano teacher at misspam@moveovermozart.net.

All students in all classes will prepare for the Summer or Holiday recital.  Songs will be chosen a couple weeks before the recital date.  

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Summer/Holiday Piano Recitals