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What time does my child need to be at the Piano recital?  What time will my child be performing?

How long will the Piano recital last?

Based on the information you provided in your recital RSVP, your recital day and time will be determined by April 22nd, 2019.  If your schedule changes before that date, please notify us by email or by completing the RSVP form again.  Great care is given to have your child perform with his or her classmates.  Help us by keeping us informed about any changes to your schedule.  

The recital itself will last a total of thirty minutes.  During that time your child will be performing with 10 - 15 other students.  We ask the performing students to arrive thirty minutes early.  This gives the children time to adjust and be comfortable with the recital setting as well as a chance to play and get use to the feel of the grand piano.