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How can I help my child prepare for the  Move Over Mozart piano recital?


Although all of our piano classes are preparing the students for the recital, there are additional ways to practice outside of class that parents can also do to help prepare their child.  

  • Practicing at home is the most important way to prepare.  The more familiar your child is with their performance piece, the more comfortable and relaxed they will be at the recital.                  
  • Although it isn't required, having your child memorize their song will help him or her feel more confident.                                                                                                                                                 
  • Since the children will be performing on a concert grand, practicing at least once or twice on an acoustic piano will allow your child to become familiar with its different and unique feel.                         
  • Performing mini-recitals for family or visiting friends also helps them to be comfortable with playing in front of others.



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