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All students, whether they are planning on attending the Spring Recital or not will be preparing for the Spring Recital during their regular piano classes.  Although all children in the same class have learned the same songs, we attempt to have each child perform their own song without too many repeats during the recital.  Songs will be chosen a couple of weeks before the recital date.  Please contact your child's piano teacher if you have questions about their performance piece.  (All teachers can be reached at misspam@moveovermozart.net)

Students are encouraged to practice for the recital outside of class time.  If possible, please arrange to have your child practice on an acoustic piano at least once or twice before the recital so they can feel the difference between how the keys should be played.  Piano stores usually welcome visitors for this reason if there is no other piano available.  

Click here for more ideas on how you can help your child prepare for the recital.  

What piano piece will my child be performing?


Contact Pamela Cornell, Director, at misspam@moveovermozart.net ​or 206-227-1611