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Why do you only use one piano keyboard for six kids?  Wouldn't the students learn better if they each had their own piano keyboard?​


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It is not about the time at the keyboard, but about the quality while at the keyboard.  Having the students one on one with the teacher allows each one to get the individualized attention needed to improve their own piano playing technique.  Keep in mind, our classes are focused on very young children learning to play the piano.  Because children's attention span is short and easily distracted, and their fine motor skills and their listening skills are not developed enough, each student having their own keyboard would result with a cacophony of sound not conducive to learning.  Playing and listening at the same time is a skill that is learned and will be taught in this class, but it is not something that comes naturally to children.  

Sometimes older children (ages 5 years and older) will also have a practice piano used in the classroom.  This allows the students to immediately apply on their own what they have just learned with the teacher.  It will also help to prepare them for additional practice at home.