Why didn't my child receive a Piano lesson book?

Are there other Piano lesson books or materials we can purchase to help at home?  

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Our preschool classes for ages 3 - 5 years will not receive a book.  Instead, they will be given a song worksheet each week.  If your child misses a class or you would like an extra copy of the song, you may request extra copies either from your child's piano teacher during class or via email.  There are additional books that use the same color-code system that we use, however I have found them pricey and tedious.  (One song per book.)  Instead, it is recommended that your child continue to practice the songs given in class.  Please email for additional ideas of how to enhance practice time if you believe your preschool child needs more of a challenge.  

If your child is in a class for ages 5 and older and did not receive a book, please email us to let us know.  Books are passed out the 2nd week of each session.  If your child received a book and lost it, additional books are available for an $8.00 replacement fee.  

There are many books to complement the piano lessons book that your child received: books for theory, additional songs, technique and so forth.  Our Move Over Mozart class will teach many of these concepts during class in interactive games and additional worksheets.  Practice tips and games to play at home can also be requested for free through email.  You are certainly welcome to purchase whichever additional books you prefer for extra practice at home, however, any additional books will not be used during the class.  

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