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Contact Pamela Cornell, Director, at misspam@moveovermozart.net ​or 206-227-1611


AKA "Ms Sachie"

Online Teacher, and Private Teacher

I was born to an award-winning conductor and music teacher and exposed to music at a very early age. I began piano and ear-training at the age of three and soon joined the Yamaha Musical School program. Throughout my childhood I played passionately and kept the fire of love for piano and music burning. I enjoy sharing this spark of musical love to my students. I studied at Las Positas College in California, with a focus on music and piano as well as early childhood development. In addition to teaching piano, I am a seasoned pre-school educator. 

Prior to Move Over Mozart, I taught with a Russian school of music in Silicon valley of California for over five years. I believe in the musical potential of all students and am excited to work with each student to unlock their abilities and motivations. I love to overcome each individual’s obstacles and enhance their inner strengths. Let’s start a fire for music together!

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