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AKA "Mr. Josh" 

Piano Teacher for Video/Mini-Private Lessons

Music and the piano has played an incremental part in shaping the person I am today. I started playing the piano at the age of three, and actually enrolled as a Move Over Mozart student! From then on I continued with private classical lessons, having many opportunities to play festivals, adjudications, and concerts. Since middle school I have also played keyboard and piano for many contemporary bands and groups, playing in venues like the Puyallup Fair, Anaheim Convention Center, and various lounges and coffee shops in the Seattle area. My experiences and background have shaped within me a deep passion and love for all things music.  I am currently on track to study and become an audio engineer and music producer. I believe music is a gateway to the soul, bringing people together in a way that no other thing can. It is interwoven with our daily lives, interactions, and stories in a way few other things are. I am excited to be able to share and teach the very thing I hold so dear.

​Mr. Josh has been a piano teacher with Move Over Mozart since 2019, teaching over 250 students.  

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