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Paula Cornell

AKA "Miss Paula"

Substitute Piano Teacher

I started playing piano when I was three.  My wonderful mom, Pamela Cornell, taught me through Move Over Mozart, so I am a former MOM student!  I sang in choirs all through elementary and high school and played clarinet in middle school.  All the while I continued piano lessons--from my mom and then from another teacher, Judy Huehn.  I struggled with practicing as I grew up, but when I graduated high school and stopped taking lessons, something changed and I completely fell in love with piano!  Playing piano engages both mind and heart at the same time.  It is challenging to learn a new piece, but it feels good when you overcome the challenge and then add your own interpretation of the emotions in it.  Music tells a story and makes that story into something beautiful, I love piano and I love kids and I hope to pass on my passion for music to them! 

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