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​Pamela Cornell

Pamela Cornell, Director

AKA "Miss Pam" 

I started teaching as a private piano teacher and a children's choir director while I was still in high school.  It was through those opportunities that I knew I wanted to be a teacher.  Since getting a Bachelor's from Seattle Pacific University I have had many more opportunities to teach.  In addition to music and piano, I have taught math, Driver's Education, and tutored for the G.E.D.  I love music because it can touch the heart of any type of person, creative or analytical, and because the range of music is so vast, from popular to ethnic, slow and mellow to jazzy and festive.  It is a joy to listen to someone when they finally finish a piece of music and are able to put their own personality into it.  Seeing that excitement in others is why I am a teacher.

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