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This class is not designed for parents to participate.  The material is suited for the age of your child to be able to do on their own.  If a child is needing help, either the teacher will assist, or another student will be asked to help.  This helps the student learn cooperation as well as independence. Also, the kids, especially at age 3, are learning how the class works and deciding if they trust the teacher.  Some kids will want to make sure that mom is available, and will go back and forth from the table to their parent.  For the first day, this is not a problem.  After the first day, parents are asked to leave the room.

At the community centers, having parents stay in the classroom to watch can become a distraction for the students.  For this reason, all parents are asked to wait outside the classroom during the lesson. 

Is this a piano class just for the kids, or are parents expected to stay and help their child?