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1.  Most Experienced
Move Over Mozart has taught over 4000 students in the Seattle area.

5.  Updated Technology And Teaching Aids to Enhance and Motivate Each Child
From oversized staff boards and walk-on keyboards to a practice app that records and gives bonus points for practicing.  Our online lessons use a new video streaming service designed specifically to capture the sound for music lessons.   

           FUN!              Relaxation               Pride               Self-expression           Achievement                            Creativity                                          Concentration              

    Discipline                                  Self-respect        

  Confidence                                         Patience                    Perseverance          

Sociability                     Coordination

​Learning to play the piano gives your child much more than just music skills:​

4.  Experienced Teachers With Ongoing Training
Much like music, teaching is an art.  We are always improving, adjusting and learning new techniques to reach your child's unique learning style. Each instructor has their own teaching style that is fine tuned through ongoing teaching workshops and lesson evaluations.  

9.  Only Month To Month Payments,

No Semester Or Year Contracts
Start and stop on your schedule and needs.  

10.  Achievement Levels For All Children Of All Ages And Abilities
Our curriculum has levels and acheivement standards to help you see how your child is progressing and learning through their lessons.  ​

Best Piano Lessons in Bellevue, Redmond, Kirkland and Seattle

​​6.  Allows Children (And Parents) To Set Their Own Pace

Some children have many extra-curricular activities.  As parents, you want your child to have many experiences, but you also don't want to overwhelm them.  At Move Over Mozart, we let you and your child set the pace for how quickly your child progresses through the program. 

7.  Perfect Piano Program To "Try-Out" Piano Lessons.
Not sure of your child's interest?  Not ready to invest in an accoustic piano?  These classes are great at finding out what your child's level of involvement will be before making a serious commitment.  

8.  Advanced Teachers For The "Serious" Piano Student

3.  Specialized Curriculum Designed For The Pre-Reading Child As Young As 3.5 Years Old

Preschool Piano Lessons

10 Reasons Why Our Piano Class Is The Best For You!


2.  Long-Standing Reputation
We have been bringing piano classes to children in the Seattle area since 1994!  Our rating at the BBB is A+.  Our rating on Google is 5 start and Facebook is 4.4 Star!  That says a lot considering how long we have been in business!  

Online Piano Classes are now available!  Same fun atmosphere! 

Same individualized attention!   ​Kirkland, Shoreline, Mill Creek and Your Home.

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Piano Lessons that Children Want!

When your child is ready for advanced lessons, our teachers are ready for you!  Our private teachers have taught many students of all ages and levels.  They will know how to encourage and motivate your child to reach their musical potential!  

Our 2-year pre-school program will give your child the tools necessary to transition into note-reading once they are ready.  In the meantime, there are plenty of fun songs they can learn to play on the piano keyboard!