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Absolutely!  it will be during the Spring session that we start preparing your child for the recital. During the Spring session we will pick out a recent song for performance, practice performing, and practice recital etiquette.  Please register for the Spring session early!  Spring registration start dates are now listed on your location's page.  If your class still fills before you get a chance to register, make sure your child's name is on the wait list.  Every effort is made to make room for returning students on wait lists.  

The only exception to this would be if your child is currently taking piano lessons somewhere else.  If that is the case, please give us the contact information of your child's teacher so he or she can adequately prepare your child.  Incidentally, we LOVE having former students perform at the Spring Recital!  

Please contact Pam if you have any questions about this.

Does my child need to be enrolled in the Spring session to participate in the Piano recital?