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My child does not know their numbers or colors yet.  Is this a problem?


The color-code method of matching colored fingers to colored dots on the piano is a tool we use for our pre-reading students.  Many children at age 3 and 4 years are still learning the names of colors and what different numbers or letters look like.  This class will reinforce the learning of numbers and colors.  It is the process of doing the work, not the end result that is important.  This is the same process of learning new music on the piano.  If it always had to be perfect the first time, no one would ever learn anything.  So, "No," there is no problem with the child that has not learned their numbers or colors yet.  

If you would like a second copy of the song to color and practice at home, that is always available. Either ask the teacher during class or send Pam an email.  

Click here for practicing tips at home.  


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