Colored Dots for Preschool Piano


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How do I put the colored dots on our piano at home?​

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Our preschool classes use a pre-reading color coding system.  You can get any white stickers, color them and put them on your piano.  You can use "Goo Gone" to get the residue sticker off the keys when you are ready to remove the stickers.  

The blue sticker goes on the white key to the left of the two black keys (Or "C")  You can choose any set of two black keys, but I prefer ones toward the middle of the keyboard. If you put several sets of colors on your keyboard, your child may want to play their song on each set, so they will be practicing more.  

Order of colors:  Blue (C), Red (D), Green (E), Brown (F), Pink(G)

Also, you can put dots on your child's fingers.  It is best if the dots are put on their knuckles so they can curl their fingers for a proper hand position and still see the colors.  I suggest using Crayola washable markers since they wash off the easiest.  For the right hand, blue goes on the thumb, red on the index, and so on.  For the left hand, blue goes on the pinky, red on the ring finger, and so on.  All of our numbered songs are written for the right hand, however students may use their left hand if they are comfortable with the hand position.  Please note that the numbers are not correct for the left hand, but the colors would be.  (Both thumbs are finger number 1.)

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