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Traditionally, music professionals have suggested that the best age to start piano lessons would be at age 9.  This is the reason many schools start musical instrument lessons in fourth and fifth grades.   The thing is, many children are ready to make music at a much earlier age, even though the traditional concept of private lessons is not conducive to their learning.  Move Over Mozart was partly created to help fill in this gap.  We realize our lessons are catered to the "beginning" musician and hope at some point your child will transition to private lessons.  But when is the ideal time to make this move?  The following are some questions to help you make this decision about your individual child.  

Do you have a piano or its equivalent at home?  While a keyboard is great for getting started with lessons, there are many playing techniques that are just not possible on most keyboards. Additionally, you will need a keyboard with all 88 keys.  Not only does this help with orientation, but many pieces require the lower and upper octaves.  

Is your child practicing daily?  Private lessons require an intensity that many young children are just not ready for.  Many private teachers require 30 minutes of practice at least 5 days a week.  This is the MINIMUM.  For most young children, this is too hard.  

Is your child reading notes on the staff?  Although private teachers will teach this, because of the group setting, Move Over Mozart is able to play many theory games to reinforce some of these basic concepts.  This will give your child a strong foundation of how to read music and how notes move on the staff.  

Is your child at least 8 years old and in 3rd grade?  Although there are some private instructors that will take students at a younger age, this is the ideal age to start private lessons because the student has matured to a level where private lessons can be enjoyable.  This is actually a little younger then traditionally recommended, however, Move Over Mozart students have more training and experience than the typical beginning student.  

Has your child progressed faster and farther than the material and curriculum that Move Over Mozart provides?  Move Over Mozart has many levels for lessons.  Occasionally there will be a child that we believe would learn better in the private setting, but the group setting is so favorable to learning music, especially for young children.  

As always, if you have any other questions about this topic, please contact us.​

What is the best age to start a child in private piano lessons?