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Contact Pamela Cornell, Director, at misspam@moveovermozart.net


14410 Greenwood Ave N, Seattle​
This location is only available to the current students enrolled at the school.

Miss Pam, Piano Teacher

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Classes meet every Thursday morning
at 10:15 a.m.​​

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Piano Classes at Alpha Montessori

Free Piano Demonstration on Thursday, June 21, at 10:15.  

2017 - 2018 School session

​April 12 - June 14

10 weeks for $90

+ $10 one-time new student fee for $100

Contact Pamela for a pro-rated amount to start this week.   

Summer Session

June 28 - August 23

9 weeks for $81

+ $10 one-time new student fee for $91


Our Summer Recital will be Thursday, August 23, at Alpha Montessori.  Check your email for more details.  

Our Spring Recital was a lot of fun!  Thanks to all of you that attended!